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Luigi Zaccagnini
Luigi Zaccagnini

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Starting my Journey in OpenSource

Hello readers, welcome to my first post! I am Luigi Zaccagnini and I am a software developer currently located in Ontario, Canada. I started programming seven years ago while I was in high school with the goal of creating awesome software. I am also currently a student at Seneca College taking a course on OpenSource development. I am taking this course because I want to learn more about different aspects of programming (Emulators, Tools, Frameworks, etc.) and want to gain experience working on professional code. OpenSource has always attracted me because a lot of the software I use is OpenSource and it is awesome! I haven’t fully committed to continually contributing to OpenSource software but, started when David Humphrey introduced me to Telescope a couple of years ago. My goal for this term is to learn new things, explore topics that interest me and improve my programming skills. I mainly work with web technologies as that is my comfort space but, I would like to try to also work on emulators and other interesting softwares. The first project I researched was a tool called Spicetify. Spicetify is a command-line tool that allows you to customize your Spotify client. I picked this project because I use Spotify very frequently and would like the ability to change and add functionality. Now that I shared everything about me, I would like to hear from you! Comment some of your favourite OpenSource projects and tell me what got you into OpenSource? If you haven’t tried or researched OpenSource find one project that interests you and share it!

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Aravind K Subash

Nice post .