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3 Courses to Become a Better Software Developer 2020

Hello everyone, in this post I want to share some resources that can help you to boost your career to the next level.

When you want to grow as a developer you can find a lot of paths to improve your skills such as books, Bootcamps, master classes even just jump into the tool and start reading the documentation when you need something, but personally, I think that one of the most helpful resources are the online courses.

The online courses have a lot of benefits, the principal is that you can do in your free time, choose the best time that works for you.

The second benefit is that you can cover and understand deep concepts of the tool or programming language that you are learning and have a different point of view.

On the other hand the cons of online courses, it is so hard to find a good course on the internet because currently there are a lot of platforms and content.

It is for that reason, that I want to share with you, the three most important online courses that helped me in my career as a full-stack software developer. I know that this could be very relative because every person has his own way to learn, but I just want to share what works for me.

So let's started!


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Description: This is a great course if you want to improve your coding techniques, identify code smells, and how to refactor them. Also, you will learn from the basics such as how to select good naming conventions for classes and methods until how to implement design patterns in your solutions.


 2. Unit testing for C# developers

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Description: One of the most important things when we are coding but normally it is forgotten is the unit testings.
We can talk a lot about the benefits to implement unit testing in our project and what is the most efficient way to implement them, but in this course, you can find all these answers and very practical examples and explanations.
It is highly recommended if you are a beginner in the world of unit testing or you already have some knowledge.

Link: Unit testing for C# developers

3. Complete React Developer in 2020

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Description: This recommendation is because one of my favorites FrontEnd frameworks is React and this course personally helped me a lot to increase my skills, learn good practices, use advanced features of React, and how to integrate with other technologies such as GraphQL and Firebase. I totally recommend if you want to learn from zero or if you already have experience.

Link: Complete React Developer course

Conclusion. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The whole list is a personal recommendation and personal preference for these programming languages and technologies I hope that can be helpful for you as was for me and If you have a good course that you would like to share please leave the link in the discussion section.😄

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Marcos Guardado

Gracias, estoy en una carrera que aborda la programación y en este punto ando viendo React, pero hay tanto que aprender siempre y es por eso que me gustan este tipo de posts.