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What are the needed qualities to be a tech-lead?

Hello everyone, some days ago I was wondering what are the skills that need to have to be a Tech-lead or even if the tech-lead concept is an obsolete term.

In my personal opinion, this role is still important in the software development world because we can consider it as a mentor and a source of the truth for the high-level architecture and so on. For these reasons, the following skills are needed to be a good Tech lead.

  1. Communication: Have good communication with technical and non-technical people.
  2. Delegation: The Tech lead needs to know when it is necessary to delegate the technical tasks and also have the confidence to the team to avoid Micromanagement.
  3. Good technical knowledge: Dominate the common good practices such as design patterns and code smells.
  4. Mentor: Keep the team motivated to improve their skills and do a great quality product following the good practices and also teach them the road.
  5. Conflict Solver: I think that this point is one of the most important and complicated because the tech-lead needs to resolve conflicts between the members of the team and be impartial to take the better decision for the project and take these desitions with the right arguments.

For sure this is a personal option and I could miss some important topics, but for you What do you think that are the skills that should have a good Tech-lead?

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Daniel Villarreal

I agree with your point of view, and I'll like to add, a good Tech Lead has a:

Good understanding of the business. This is really important, the teach leads of course guide the technical part, but to get the product working as the business needs, the tech lead needs to have a very good understanding of what is needed from their end as well.

Of course not every tech lead has the experience working in certain area (i.e. A new guy just joined a team as Tech Lead), but eventually, once they get this knowledge, the value provided by the team increase a lot

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Luis Castillo

Yes, totally agree with you, the Tech-Lead needs to have a good understanding of the business to provide the right solution thinking on both sides.