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Devlog #03 - Final day from My First Game Jam Winter 2020 - from 29/01 to 08/02

You can read this in my personal blog

Finally released my first game

It's finished? No, it is not. It is cool? You good damn right (at least I enjoyed making and playing the microgame).

What happend

The game jam was tough. I've learned a lot and got passionate with game dev. It's my first game that I made by myself. The result of the game jam isn't that good, but I'm proud of it.

In the middle of the jam I got sick and couldn't code till I get bether, so for some days I didn't code at all :(

The final days was insane. I've code a lot and try to fix some bugs, but in programming code = new bugs.

First, let's get to the results. You can play Survive the night on itch.

What the game has:

  • A player with animations for: running, idle and attack.
  • A monster (Treant) with animations for: running, iddle and death.
  • Pathfinder for the Treant can find and run to the Player
  • Health bar for the Treant.

The game is simple for now. If you kill the treant, the game ends.

I got so happy with the results that even when it's finished I started coding to improve the game.

Player running from Treant and after that fighting against it

The next features that I want is:

  • Spawn for Treants
  • Adjust the ground layout. Because it doesn't fit the collor pallet and doesn't look natural.
  • Add a combat system for the Treants
  • Maybe add more creatures, but this would be made by me
  • Add a bonfire
  • Add light to the bonfire
  • Logo for the Survive the night
  • End screen when you win or loose.
  • Intial start game screen with the main character and the bonfire just vibing

This the features that I want to add for the next release.

Don't forget to eat clean and drink water.

Peace!! ✌️

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