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Lesly Villalobos
Lesly Villalobos

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Start achieving your goals! Stop procrastinating

Have you had those days when you have a lot of goals in your head?
Are there projects you'd like to do but haven't started yet?
Your thoughts are from one idea to another?
Are you in those moments when you're thinking so much until you get a headache and end up in your bed watching Netflix, playing or just doing something that has nothing to do with meeting your goals? xD
When we are in these situations we tend to get so stressed out thinking that our mind rejects everything that produces stress and so we end up procrastinating.

What to do when we are in these situations?

First of all, breathe.
Then, have a good breakfast, find a place where you feel comfortable and start writing a list with everything you want to do, list all the activities, projects and goals you have in mind. When you finish the list, start classifying them into short term and long term benefits, for example, you want to develop a project for a client or a specific target but you also want to study a new language that catches your attention. The first one would take several weeks but would bring immediate benefits (short-term benefit) and the second would take less of you but the benefits would not be seen now since you don't currently have a specific project (long-term benefit).

Once you have the list in two blocks, keep the list that will benefit you in the short term, that doesn't mean you're not going to do the other thing, just for now, you will focus all your attention on activities that will benefit you in the short term.

Having these goals in mind, start to write a list of daily activities to achieve these goals. It is important to write them down because this way you will feel more motivated and committed and each time you complete an activity you will be able to cross it off your list and continue with the next one. That feeling of accomplishing an activity will make you feel good and will keep you motivated.

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✔️ Put your ideas in order and be clear about what you want to do.
✔️ Do it preferably at the beginning of the day after a good breakfast.
✔️ Write down a list of goals and objectives you want to achieve.
✔️ Classify those goals into short and long term benefits.
✔️ Keep short-term goals.
✔️ Make a list of daily activities (you can include schedules) to meet each goal.
✔️ Begin to perform each activity and give your best effort.

There are many ways to achieve goals, I only share the method that worked for me when I was overwhelmed with a lot of things to do. I hope these tips will help you 🌻

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day, coders💜

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Eddie Otudor

Thanks dear Lesly Villalabos. This is a good write up