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I created my first game in JS

Consistency is the key they say. Look at me posting every three months like your favorite quarterly magazine.

How have you been?

Before we get to the main topic, I've been recently working on the JavaScript course recommended to me by one of my friends. I found it very interesting if you want to learn JavaScript from scratch, but it also taught me a different way of organizing the code and keeping it clean. I can recommend it to you the same I did with the CS50 Web Development path I finished. Working on the Udemy course makes me think of what I should learn next. Master JS, learn React, get familiar with TypeScript? Feel free to let me know what your experience and ideas are!

The Game

Without a further ado - check it our here!

It's a simple game I decided to build to test my coding skills. I have to say I enjoyed coding it, as I'm happy with the outcome. It is simple, but I feel like simple is an answer to most things. Simpler is better, easier to understand, faster to troubleshoot, more intuitive to work with. And this is one of those! One of the games for which instructions are not necessary - like Flappy Bird or Minesweeper. Check it out, have fun, let me know how you like it and how it could be improved!

What's next

At the same time as I'm working on the JS online course, I've been working on my first project that I hope to get real users involved in. I have my domain, I have an idea how to host it and I'm working on polishing the front-end and finishing the back-end. I'll keep the rest of it as a secret for now and come back to it in my next post which may actually break the quarterly magazine rule.

Find my code on GitHub:

GitHub logo lwolczynski / Track-Game

Simple game wrote in JavaScript. Stay on track as long as you can!

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