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I created a music quiz and it's awesome

Tl;dr: If you are a Spotify user, go to and check it out (I have no tl;dr for the Spotify-agnostics, sorry...)

The idea

Let's start here with an idea that I had for a while. Create something cool and learn new tools to do it. This app will be a part of my portfolio and I want it to be useful, easy to use and well... cool. Do people like to play quizzes they find on the Internet? I think so. creators probably know something about it. Music quizzes? Probably. (Hey, Sporcle, you're missing out here, by the way.) How about music quizzes with the songs the user actually listens to...?

Picking the tools was rather easy. Spotify WebAPI gives user access to playlists, album covers and songs previews. What else would I need? A Spotify account? Luckily enough, I'm a user. By the way, if you are looking for an API to play with or learn how to use them, I would highly recommend this one. It supports four different ways of authorization and gives a pretty vast set of requests to choose from.

What's next? I felt like I didn't need backend for this app and I could make it a client-side app. I figured React would be something I could utilize here and I wasn't wrong. It's been a journey to understand the concept and learn the basics, but from there it started to be fun with a splash of frustration from time to time. I've been using a course on Udemy to understand and learn React. I'm leaving a link here if you're interested.

Combining these three together (idea of a music quiz, Spotify WebAPI and React) I created an app I've called SpotiQuiz. The link is on the top, the code is on the bottom. I hope you give it a try and have a lot of fun.


Is it cool?

You let me know! I think it is, but I guess I'm biased, so I'll gladly take good reviews, bad reviews, hints what to change and where to upgrade.

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Find my code on GitHub:

GitHub logo lwolczynski / Spotify-Quiz-v2

Music quiz using Spotify music library

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This is fantastic going to create a quiz of my own after coming across yours using their api!!