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Exploring Feedback for Better Understanding

As I plan this week's activities, I realized that today (not last week) marks Week 4 of my dev journey. I think I got ahead of myself and felt like I was learning code longer than I actually was. But anyways, yay me! It's definitely a milestone to be 4 weeks in. So here's a picture to celebrate my hard work, my motivation, and my #1 supporters.

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Feedback is a wonderful thing and last week I received great feedback to explore further on my blog, "Finally Understanding JavaScript." Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and supportive. All your suggestions definitely kept me busy!

@aissshah introduced me to codewars to help sharpen coding skills by use of puzzles, which is really cool. You can't even sign up until you can prove your skills to play! @praveen52128991 was kind enough to share their blog, "Learn JavaScript Fundamentals." It was very easy to follow and broke down code examples with useful comments. @chrisoncode tweeted back some fun JavaScript projects with #JavaScript30.

@patricktingen and @ericgeek even showed me different ways to write the Happy Birthday code I blogged about. This was great! I'm still learning and it was a awesome to know there are shortcuts to make things easier. Seeing the code in a different way, made me understand it better. Now each time I'm learning something new, I try to think how can I use other knowledge to make it better/easier. I'm constantly thinking to myself, how many ways can I come up with to write one code? It's still mind-blowing to me!

Here's to getting through another week of JavaScript!

Last Week's Accomplishments:

  • Continued reading and doing activities from Head First JavaScript Programming A Brain-Friendly Guide by Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Robson

Check it out:

On My Mind:

  • I'd love to see more projects that you've done with JavaScript to build your portfolio. Any cool suggestions?
  • What's the best suggestion, feedback, or advice you have ever received?

Until next week!
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Yes! I thought my brain was going to explode by trying to memorize so much. This is great advice on how to really understand syntax. Thank you Melissa!