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8 Unconventional YouTube Channels for Software Engineers

This article will give you a list of tech YouTube channels that can help you grow as a software engineer.

I've read the already available articles online, and most of them list trendy tech YouTube channels. I decided to provide minor known names on YouTube that still offer fantastic value and high-quality content.

I will provide names of YouTube channels that can help you with interviewing skills and how to become a better software engineer.

Let's start.

1. Healthy Software Developer

This YouTube channel is a hidden gem. Why? Because it talks about some aspects of software engineering which we tend to neglect. For example, how user stories may contribute to delivering software projects later than expected.


Jayme Edwards, on his YouTube channels, talks about:

  • Fake agile.

  • Work-life balance.

  • Anxiety.

  • Burnout.

  • Dealing with bad management.

He also provides valuable insights into leadership and career growth.

Software engineering is a high-paying job. Still, it comes with its challenges.

It is more about people than coding, frameworks, etc.

We software engineers don't just deal with other fellow engineers but also with upper management, product management, etc.

If you are going through a difficult time at your workplace, this YouTube channel can genuinely help you. Jamie Edwards is a strong advocate of living a healthier lifestyle as a software engineer.

Link to his YouTube Channel.

2. Dave Xiang

Dave Xiang is another tech YouTube content creator from New York whose channel is insightful. He's currently an Engineering Manager at Squarespace.


His hip-hop style, paired with remarkable storytelling skills, makes him different from other tech YouTubers.

Sadly, he hasn't uploaded any videos for a while. Understandable, though, content creation is a tough job.

His channel is all about core software engineering and computer science. It's suitable for everybody, regardless of the language and framework.

Dave Xiang, in his channel, talks about:

  • The psychology of computer programming.

  • Tough parts of software development.

  • Staying relevant in tech.

And much more.

Dave Xiang also has an active blog where he shares life, management, software, and technology content.

Link to his YouTube Channel.

3. Keep on Coding

Sam is the name of the gentleman behind the Keep on Coding channel.

Keep on Coding is a channel that has helped me a lot since the beginning of my tech career. He's a tech YouTube content creator who creates precious content around programming (mainly Java) and his experience in the tech industry.


Keep on Coding has content around:

  • Java tutorials (made easy).

  • LeetCode.

  • Coding interviews.

  • Life as a software engineer.

And much more.

He also has an active discord community which you can decide to join to interact with other fellow developers.

Link to his YouTube channel.

4. Nick White

Nick White is another tech YouTube channel which combines education with entertainment.


He originally started his YouTube channel by sharing HackerRank and Leetcode coding problems solutions. However, lately, he has decided to take a different direction and share more content to entertain his audience.

Still, there is a lot to learn from Nick White's YouTube channel, such as:

  • Coding interviews.

  • Collaborations with other popular tech content creators.

  • How to learn and improve your programming skills.

Nick White also has an active Discord community that you can join to interact and learn from other fellow software engineers.

Link to his YouTube Channel.

5. Byte By Byte

I'm not sure why this channel doesn't get mentioned enough. I think it's worth knowing this channel, especially if you struggle with coding interviews or stagnate because of them.


This channel helps you with:

  • Coding interview preparation.

  • System design interview preparation.

  • Strategic job search.

Link to his YouTube Channel.

6. Pragmatic Engineer

Gergely Orosz, behind Pragmatic Engineer, shares precious content about software engineering in Big Tech and startups. He worked at Uber, Skype and Skyscanner.


He also has an active blog that I often share and active social media accounts (LinkedIn and Twitter).

Pragmatic Engineer has valuable content around:

  • Software engineering in Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) and startups.

  • Big Tech hiring and hiring process.

  • Software engineer career paths.

  • Engineering management.

And much more.

Link to his YouTube Channel.

7. Coder Foundry

Coder Foundry is a YouTube channel which also provides coding boot camps. This channel is suitable for aspiring software developers. He goes live every Tuesday and Thursday.


They host and have hosted several Web Developer Chat + Q&A.

They share content about building projects that can help you land your first software engineering role.

This YouTube channel can help you with:

  • Project ideas to land your first software engineering role.

  • Learning how to program.

  • Job search.

  • Interview questions and answers techniques.

Link to his YouTube Channel.

8. Back To Back SWE

Back To Back SWE is another underrated YouTube channel for interview preparation.


It helps a lot if you're preparing for coding interviews.

I enjoy the YouTube channel because they have several videos about interview preparations, and they cover topics that are often neglected.

They share content around:

  • Data structures and algorithms.

  • Coding interview solutions.

  • Landing a job at a Big Tech company.

Link to his YouTube Channel.


This article taught you about 8 unconventional YouTube channels for software engineers.

I hope you've found this article helpful.

What's your favourite tech YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time! 🙋🏾‍♀️

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