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LinkedIn: Is it useful for DEVs in 2020?

Devs who use LinkedIn, could you please share your experience on using the platform? Do you find job opportunities there, have you found some useful contacts there, etc?
Overall, is it worth to create and spend time on developing a complete profile there or you believe personal portfolio could be enough?

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Chris Bongers

I found my new to start job there, found by a recruiter.
It's the second time I actually found a job through LinkedIn.

You have to be open for it and work WITH the recruiter to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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How? and were can I find recruiters

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Gerard Klijs

Don't worry about that, they will find you.

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Chris Bongers

As Gerard mentions below, recruiters will find you.
Make sure your profile includes the following things:

  • Intro about yourself
  • Skills added via the skillset method
  • A testimonial from a previous manager works really well if you have

And if they send you an invite with opportunities always connect even if that job doesn't appeal to you.
Just tell them what you are looking for.

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Sean Antony Brunton

Social media brings out the worst in me. I'm too critical in my thinking. I clearly see I am treated as inferior because of my autism. I got right t really offended when I see companies hiring austic people just for the pictures in social media like LinkedIn. I have the autism that has no physical side effects, only mental. I can see that these autistic ppl are hired to be retarded basically. As for recruiters, too vague in their approach (immediate red flag). Because of my disability, my persona and because I don't suck up to anyone (I refuse) it's impossible to get employment, yet I knock everyone out the park when it comes to fixing stuff. I will work for myself, buy LinkedIn and delete it! 🤣 Recruiter use LinkedIn like a slave market. Won't trust a word any of them say. They are there to use you, so they can make their commision or whatever. Nah I don't work like that. I have my own business (I will inherit it) and am willing to make the sacrifice to be the best so I dkbt have to answer to anyone! 😆

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I still feel I am in the early stages of learning coding, but still keeping myself open to any job opportunities out there by keeping my LinkedIn profile active.

What I have realised is it is good to make the connections and just put yourself out there so they are aware you are actively looking for a job. I have not been that successful yet, maybe because I have no experience and I am just self taught but I do see the potential from creating a profile on LinkedIn. So yes I would highly suggest create a profile, connect with a few recruiters and then see what happens. Good Luck and stay safe.

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Vishnu Haridas

I find it a very good platform. If your profile is good, recruiters will search and find you. Since most of the recruiters use the premium version (LinkedIn Gold?) they get the tools to discover people that match their requirements.

A personal portfolio is definitely a good addition, but most recruiters don't reach them directly, instead, they reach your portfolio website from your LinkedIn profile.

So I think that LinkedIn is still relevant if you are actively looking for opportunities.

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Adam Davis

I'm still early in my career, but I've found it to be moderately helpful. When I was searching for my first job after college, I got a few interviews from companies that reached out to me on LinkedIn.

I haven't had another job search since then, but I keep my profile updated and get messages from recruiters on a pretty regular basis.

I also recently shared an article I wrote on LinkedIn and the view count exceeded my number of connections, so it seems like it could help grow my online presence.

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Gabriel Antunes • Edited on

I've never get anything positive from Linkedin.

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Yes it I think it is quite helpfull to find new jobs and opportunities.
However you have to be very patient, because today LK has become a Facebook-like where people mix-up personnal branding, business and personnal life, trolls...

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That's why I was concerned, tbh 😉

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Yuan Gao • Edited on

I deal with recruiting for my team. We don't specifically use LinkedIn, but the recruiting software that we use automatically posts there, and brings candidates into our system, so it's pretty one-click for us to put jobs on linkedin. Candidates that end up on our system get treated the same way as coming in from other platforms or applying directly. The only difference is Linkedin automatically generates a CV sometimes, and it's not nice to look at.

I think about 30% of applicants for software development positions come from LinkedIn Job section. But remember: most recruitment/candidate tracking platforms automatically push out onto multiple job sites at once, so rarely is LinkedIn the only place you'll find an ad.

I tend not to use LinkedIn for active sourcing because there's just too much noise. I get messages daily from recruiters trying to get me to look at their candidates, and I don't have time to manually filter out all the networking requests because more than half of them are recruiters or people trying to sell me stuff. However, I do know that some people's jobs is to do that, but they're split into two kinds of people:

  1. internal recruiters, whose job is to source candidates. These people will reach out to people with promising-looking job profiles and will use LinkedIn's search capabilities to narrow down positions
  2. recruitment agencies, many of whom aren't really looking to fill specific jobs and are just looking to fill a pool. Some have predatory practices, beware.

However, when assessing candidates, I will sometimes go and check their work history. So it's good to have that.

My personal recommendations are:

  1. keep your profile up to date so it's searchable by those active sourcing on linkedin
  2. don't spend too long doing the connections and stuff
  3. use linkedin jobs search, as it's not bad
  4. if you have portfolio to share, it's probably going to have to be elsewhere (github if programming projects, personal profiles/blogs otherwise) but these tend to be supplementary information that might get looked at only in later stages of an interview process
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Madza • Edited on

Thanks for the extended insight 🔥 Learned a bit 👍
It's always valuable to get tips from recruiters themselves 👌

190245 profile image

I find that there's good & bad to it.

The bad, is mostly the spam from the recruiters that just want to fill an interview slot, or just want to update their CRM to get their manager off their back (in some cases, they ask for a CV without actually having a job role to put you forward for).

That said, it's manageable, honestly.

The better parts of it:

  • through LinkedIn, I have in the past had a recruiter approach me "would you be interested in applying for this?" which lead to a 45min interview, and 10mins after the interviewer the recruiter called me back with "they'd like to offer you 12k/year more than you get paid right now."
  • I can keep in touch with past co-workers, keep up to date with where they are, share techie news with them, without it being Facebook.
  • I now have several recruiters that I would almost call friends, so much so that when a friend on the other side of the country called me with "I hate my job" - it took me 30mins to get them a recruiters phone number near them that had comparable roles for them to talk about.
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Thanks for the insight 🔥👍

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Gabriel Sadaka • Edited on

The past two jobs I have had have come from recruiters seeking me out on LinkedIn. Both times the recruiters weren't connections I had so they found me via search.

I think building a profile on there that clearly represents your experience and who you are is a valuable time investment. Plenty of good resources online on how to build good LinkedIn profiles that recruiters will find.

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Matt Curcio

Linkedin is Big Brother BUT it does have a shite load of job listings for Data Science.

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James Young

LinkedIn is an annoying online CV site. The only reason to have a LinkedIn page is for others who expect to find you there or ask you for your LinkedIn page.

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Sergiy Yevtushenko

Yeah, it works. To make it work better fill profile and collect as many connections as you can.

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I was hired by a big company that found me on LinkedIn on 2018 and I'm still at this position, many other recruiters contacted me through linkedIn so i would say it's a must

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Awesome to hear 👍😉

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Adam Crockett

Yes, all my well paid jobs found me from Linkedin recruitment.

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