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For MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle I use DBeaver =)


I also use DBeaver but can't make backup/restore for psql work with it..did you guys managed to make it work?


I love DBeaver and that it can generate entity relationship diagrams.


Their cloud/web version is awesome.


Recently discovered Beekeeper Studio, it is Open Source and free. Based on Electron and Vue.js it is cross-platform which is super nice. On top, it works with most SQL dialects. Personally, I mostly use PostgreSQL in my personal projects so this is just perfect and so much better than pgAdmin.

For work, I use Datagrip since the license is provided. The most used feature there is probably the copy rows as CSV, JSON, or similar. That is the deal breaker there. Hoping Beekeeper introduces this feature as well.


👋 Beekeeper Studio creator here. We have download table as CSV/JSON, but not copy rows. Like that idea. I'll add it to the feature requests :-)


Wow ! Congratulations. An amazing tool. I didn’t know it, so I will install and checkit


I uninstalled it immediately coz the tables were not being shown. I commented on one of the posts of Beekeeper on Twitter but got no response. What a horrible experience from both software and its twitter. twitter.com/beekeeperdata/status/1...


Beekeeper studio is my favorite one!!!

Please consider add MongoDB support

Also... Way don't add hacktoberfest lable to the issues? 🔥🔥🔥

Would love too add mongo support, but I'm not a current mongo user, and feels like it deserves some real work to figure out how to display mongo data in a way that works well.

So probably not for a little while I guess? If you have ideas on what results should look like for mongo data please take screenshots and make an issue! It will help me a lot when I build the feature.


Datagrip would be my Choice for SQL if had a license. It tried it once and it really works well.


I like Datagrip from Jetbrain for any kind of DB engine


Sequel pro and beekeeperstudio both are good. Sequel Pro has now a days some crashing as it is not very actively maintained but still one of the best guis I know. Beekeeperstudio is relatively new but they have a good pace and bring up new features quite quick.


There is a fork of Sequel Pro which is actively maintained: github.com/Sequel-Ace/Sequel-Ace


I love Workbench too, for PostgreSQL I do not really use a GUI. But then again a typical Django/Laravel/Rails etc admin is a GUI and I have made plenty of those.

Currently I am building a GUI for databases that does not need/mention SQL and builds all queries for you behind the scene. Here is the product and its source on GitHub.


For SQLite, I remembered it was SQLiteStudio, but it seems that the website has updated. (I also remembered that it was never first results on Google...)

I also remembered that DBeaver did its job well, for multiple kinds of RDBMS, based on JDBC.

Since I use MongoDB Atlas, I rarely use Compass, (but I need it sometimes, especially outside Atlas).


I use Atlas too, but find Compass to be way faster and more intuitive, those are the main reasons I use it 👍


I like Navicat if I don't have to pay for it and TablePlus if I do. Both work with whatever DBMS you are looking to use it with.


For MongoDB I use NoSQLBooster. What I appreciate is:

  • good JS editor
  • intellisense (paid version)
  • useful option to mark a connection as read-only, especially when you are connecting to a production environment just to run a query
  • monitoring tools
  • query history
  • ...and so on



For me, Sequel Pro and good old phpMyAdmin


Hope you're using the nightly build of Sequel Pro. If not you should consider switching to Sequel Ace.

  • App doesn't crash when one of the tabs is closed
  • Filter using multiple columns on a table.

Just the plain build haven't seen Sequel Ace, but let me give it a try


Oh, good days with phpMyAdmin 😉 Got the job done still 👍👌


100% it's maybe something I'm just used to, but it works


Personally I love DataGrip from JetBrains.


Compass for MongoDB and Valentina Studio for postgresql.


I need to pick up a great GUI for PostgreSQL, added to the list 😉 Thanks! 👌


Compass for Mongodb 👍


Love it too, great tool 👍👌


dbdiagram.io for database design and Tableplus to connect to almost any database engine.


For PostgreSQL I use Admin.
For MySQL the Workbench.
Datagrip would be in there but at the moment I got no license.


MySQL Workbench and DBeaver.


IntelliJ ultimate all the way


Inise robo3t for mongodb.
Mysql workbench for mysql. But reading comments I didnt know Beekeeper. So i will install it


Azure Data Studio.


HeidiSQL for MySQL, NoSQL Booster for Mongo.


JavaFX, Java swing, MySQL


I'm using workbench mostly to db design, and Sequel Pro for operations.


For work connecting to MS SQL I use Azure Data Studio.

Otherwise I mainly use CLI tools.


DrawERD with mysql & postgresql support


Querious for MySQL, and TablePlus for SQLite. TablePlus supports other databases (including MySQL), but for some reason I just use it for SQLite.


nosqlbooster for mongo.
was using navicat before that.


I use Sequel Pro and Postico 🤟


DataGrip is better db tool


DataGrip by JetBrains. It lets me work with several database types in one easy tool. Fewer things to update, and fewer shortcuts to remember


I mainly use TablePlus with PostgreSQL.
I like it because it is native, fast and beautiful.


I mostly use MySQL Workbench when working with SQL databases, there is no better free database management tool.


Mongo -> Robo 3T
Redis -> Redis Desktop Manager
MySQL/Postgres -> DBeaver or Sequel Pro (depending on complexity of what I need to do).


I like mongodb, it's cool


Dbeaver for mysql and postgress
Toad for oracle


MYSQL Workbench & HeidiSQL are my favorites.
When the Database is very simple i use HeideSQL, otherwise i use HeidiSQL


I like DBeaver but v7.2 have a problems with oracle connection.