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What localhost tunnels have you used?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

During development, the application runs on our local machine. If you want to make your machine accessible from the outside there are solutions like ngrok.com, localhost.run, localtunnel.me, etc..

Have you ever used some of these and which has been your favorite?


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Just want to take a moment and say that your #discuss posts actually teach me a lot!

Like in this case, I didn't even know that localhost tunnels existed! I've heard terms and concepts like SSH tunneling and also have connected to remote servers. (I don't know why haven't I thought about localhost tunneling being a technology.) But the fact that services like ngrok exist, makes me really rethink how much I don't know what I don't know!


I always thought the discussion format is the best way to learn. I always try to give my knowledge on the top too, so others can get some info from the initial post too. Furthermore, browsing through comments there are lots of valuable information, it's awesome to exchange the knowledge and it's a win-win for all of us participating ❤💯


Yes, exactly!
Thank you again for such fruitful discussions! :D


The easiest way, without using any third-party tools is to use a reverse, SSH tunnel.
The pre-requisite

  • Preferably Linux based machine available over the internet
  • ssh access to the machine

Execute the below command to create a reverse tunnel from the remote machine to the localhost


All requests from REMOTE_PORT are forwarded : using the created tunnel

To expose hello world http service running on 8080 can be exposed over the internet using

ssh <USER>@<REMOTE_IP> -R <REMOTE_PORT>:localhost:8080



I use laragon's share option which uses ngrock's free plan.


I love Laragon too, awesome tool 🔥🔥


ngrok's free plan covers everything I needed from localhost tunnels so far


My favorite is Cloudflare's Argo Tunnel developers.cloudflare.com/argo-tun...


ngrok works well.


serveo, localhost.run, ngrok


If you want a stable domain and a OSS product, look into inlets.dev. This is what we use at cloodot


I'm a big fan of ngrok and their premium lets me set up a consistent domain so I don't have to adjust any hostname configuration.


Agree it's worth the payment for me when I'm using it daily.


Ngrok, because it's logging the requests at localhost:4040 which is handy to test APIs.

  • localhost - localhost.run/ - It may be useful to use some circumstances.