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I can't make design from dribble, i feel like those use too much design elements & illustrations, those designer mostly have no idea how it will be implemented or how it would look in responsive view. I recently came across a resource called Frontend Mentor. I like it as it is more relevant. Even though i feel like design are not best design but they are good for practice. Same goes with dribble designs , each time i test AAA contrast quality using plugins it shows yons of contrast problems.


Pinterest and PlayStation Games.


Pinterest is my main and only inspiration app. I tried also the others you mentioned but they are not so effective like it for me


Isn't Pinterest a huge paywall tho ? I'm always baffled by how the modal is agressive while browsing on it.


paywall? It's free o_O

Sorry my mistake, you need to have an account to browse the website, which is not user friendly like the others mentioned above.


mobbin.design and lapa ninja


Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble