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Where do you get illustrations?

When working on a project with tight deadlines, using free illustrations might both look good and save time.

Some of my favorite resources include unDraw, IRA Design, Ouch, DrawKit and Humaaans. Downloads are available in both PNG and SVG.

What are your favorite sources for free illustrations?

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Joe Czubiak

I like to poke around in some of the big lists of resources like

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This is really helpful 👍
Thanks for sharing.

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Ehab Elghariani

I have brad design resources list bookmarked and used it many times.

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We need more people like you ❤👍✨

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Louis Low

When if I have tight deadlines, the quickest way to create an illustration with added some creativity to it is mix-and-match some part of the illustrations from many into one. For example, if I need icons, I got visiting Flaticon and look for icons that have an element that I want, I use PS or AI to cut some part of the icons that I collected and mixing the other small part to form a unique new icon.

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Dan Tsekhanskiy
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Sathish Ramani -->I have not used anywhere yet. But, came across in IH forum and bookmarked.

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AKAAKI157 • Edited

I have been using free photos/illustrations, with attribution, from
I also discovered that you can embed Getty Images just by using their code, which includes attributions & all:

Another place that I found that has a list of free photo sources (scroll to stock photos):

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Stephanie Morillo

One of my favorites that I've come across this year. is from Black Illustrations. They have illustrations in various categories, including education, disability, STEM, and business. :)

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I buy most of my illustrations from It's not free but prices are very reasonable in my opinion. There is so much to choose from and the quality is higher than the free stuff.
Some times i have to go through tons of pages to find the right illustration but it's usually worth it. The search function could be improved but thats a minor problem.

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Andrew • Edited

Last 6 months I use illustrations from I have started with the free illustrations, later I have subscribed to the membership plan.

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Toan Le Viet
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Mithun Kamath

Recently came across this subreddit -

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Patrick Tshibanda
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Liyas Thomas
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Andy Piper

This is such a useful post, since I hadn't come across any of these! thanks for sharing!