Microsoft announce the new Surface Neo

maestromac profile image Mac Siri ・1 min read

Check out Microsoft's take on a new foldable piece of technology.

What do y'all think?


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It's kind of particularly interesting that they announced it so far ahead of time... Specifically to speak to us developers.

There's a lot of speculation that they are really trying to create leadership in developer relations with this new launch (which seems inline with the whole Microsoft strategy).

Probably following up with tools which help folks write apps for both Windows and their line of Android devices, starting with this one.

So in a way it doesn't matter that this won't be out for a year because what they are gearing up for is mostly to get developers into their ecosystem as much as possible.


That definitely lines up with most of what MS is doing these days. Generally, I think it's a good strategy. Their OSS stuff has slowly won me over, even though I don't think I'll ever use Windows as my primary OS (but maybe I'm wrong about this).


I love it, If I can get intelliJ on there (as In if its 64 bit), I may splurge and replace my craptop. I love the idea of getting some external peripherals, so I have full use of both screens, and putting Intellj at the top and logs, Firefox, and a terminal at the bottom. Its a dream come true.


There is no modern machine that isn't 64 bit. Even most phones nowadays are 64-bit.


Well, a lot of the tablet like computers and phones are ARM 64, that can not run intellij.

Oh, I'm sorry, you meant "not ARM" instead of "not 64 bit"


Toshiba released the libretto w100 9 years ago 😁

Toshiba Libretto

It was a little ahead of its time. I think Microsoft are doing so well at the moment with hardware and software.


I got triggered by your tag #foldable 🀣

Anyway the youtube channel FPT has a video mentioning something interesting that I actually agree with too.

These aren't foldable devices persΓ© but rather dual screen devices. How is the neo different to your regular laptop? The secondary display. How is the neo or specifically the surface duo different from the galaxy fold? An actual foldable display! Hence the term 'foldable'

That's just my two cents on the matter.


I'm thinking of it more like a Nintendo DS without as much bezel than a laptop with a second screen :P It's two screens on a hinge with space between the screens / on the hinge section, rather than a single screen with a hinge built-in under it in the middle.


YESSS it's just a HINGE! nothing new


I'm pretty excited for a major player to enter the dual screen market. MS has been talking about it for almost a decade - since their Courier device that never launched.

It looks like a great mix of highly functional and highly portable.


MS seems to be working on it for quite a while although it was named Courier back then. Nevertheless, I always wanted the Courier and I think, I'll take a closer look at the Neo, when it is out.


I'm also super interested in the Surface Duo, but I'm pretty dumb when it comes to mobile devices.


I like the part of the keyboard! It has emojies and can move for the sake of touchpad! Very cool.


In the boss's phone, the app looks weird is coming πŸ˜‚.