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Day-28 Training at Ryaz

  • Date:21/02/22
  • Day:Monday

Today,I started at about 10:50 am basically I started to troubleshoot the users part as it shows lot of problems when I trigger npm start but as we know that if we are getting a big problem sometimes it get's over with just an small instance as there is one phrase in Hindi like "Khoda Pahad Nikla chua". same thing happened with me today I was busy in configuring all sort of errors but error was found in just one line basically I was mistakenly import controller as user but it was to called as users so this way my problem got sort but when I got finished with this problem one more problem raised that data I post or get from data base or send to data base it get's as object id so I am unable to fetch actual data that I post so, when I was unable to solve this so I ping my mentor and had a meet so, he have suggested some of changes so, I would move forward by keeping in mind all view points explained to me.

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