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Day-58 Training At Ryaz


Today, I started at about 1 pm in the afternoon as I was stuck with some work so, I started late as I was done with my given task i.e crud app so, I was to start with another work but before it I was left with one of the module of the course of crud app so, I started with it and it was about test driven development so, I started with it and it was all about how to make a separate file and test with it and to observe that all operations are working in it and after this I was done with my all of the task so, I had a meet with my mentor so, he suggested to move towards the learning of java script so, he provided with certain Udemy course so, I started with it today I have done first module in it the instructor started with how to set it up and start working with java script and basic program to print hell world with java script. so, this way my day ended up and learnt many new concepts.

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