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What is Web 3.00

First, we need to know that is web1.
Web 1.00 is when a worldwide web-based application is born.At this time user can only read and the user did not any interaction. 1991 to 2004 is the time of web 0.1.

Then web 2.00 comes and the user can write, read, and can interact with another user, Payment system is included. data is centralized means user data will control only some organizations like google, Facebook. They are using our data so we can many suggestions by theirs. That is also unethical.

So now the world tech roller thinks what is important. The important thing is data centralization means data privacy. User can only control their data, and users can sell their personal data and earn a percentage of money.
Dabo company controls all things. And Dabo is an Opensource platform. Anyone can buy a stack holder membership. And need to spacial money for by this membership, this currency is cryptocurrency.
Maximum Feature is extending from web 2.00. But some main revolutionary feature is everything is controlled from one server. like when the Facebook server is down. Users can not use Facebook. but in web3 everything is controlled from in one server. Google, Facebook does not be used users. Because every data is decentralized. And BLOCKCHAIN is this company that is used for data decentralization. And also have more interesting features.

One of the biggest things meta base is called virtual reality. In 1992 miles Stephenson writes a snow crash drama. Metaverse concepts came from this drama. You can go office using metaverse technology. Facebook already working within a project that is called horizon world. Canadian 18 years old anyone using this. Another example is a sandbox. Facebook CEO mark zukar barg says metaverse is next of the internet.
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