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Maitray Suthar
Maitray Suthar

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A boilerplate for REST API Development with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Hello Everyone,

I have created a boilerplate application for API development built with Nodejs, ExpressJs, MongoDB.

Checkout: Nodejs Expressjs MongoDB Ready-to-use API Project Structure


  • Basic Authentication (Register/Login with hashed password)
  • Account confirmation with 4 (Changeable) digit OTP.
  • Email helper ready just import and use.
  • JWT Tokens, make requests with a token after login with Authorization header with value Bearer yourToken where yourToken will be returned in Login response.
  • Pre-defined response structures with proper status codes.
  • Included CORS.
  • Book example with CRUD operations.
  • Validations added.
  • Included API collection for Postman.
  • Light-weight project.
  • Test cases with Mocha and Chai.
  • Code coverage with Istanbuljs (nyc).
  • Included CI (Continuous Integration) with Travis CI.
  • Linting with Eslint.

Any feedback suggestions are much appreciated. Pull requests are welcome.

Have a nice day!

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Please keep continuing this template. superb <3

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Maitray Suthar


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