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2020 Goals

Celebration Cake

Hello World! This year is still part of my path to learning web development.

The idea is to divide that great goal into small pieces detailing in my agenda a.k.a Bullet Journal the time dedicated to each of them (every day). This is the plan:


My first approach to web development and a wonderful resource for newbies that as I started in the world of web development. I'm going to the next certification!

Create an E-commerce

Or rather continue with the small tasks of the E-commerce course that I am taking in Udemy.

Contribute to the Open Source

Participating in the Hacktoberfest is great, why not keep those contributions the rest of the year ?! Yei !!! It helps me to continue with my learning of Git and Github.

A mentor

I am very grateful for all the people who are helping me, one of these people who inspire me and share their enthusiasm for web development is Florin Pop this year has proposed many challenges and you can follow it here

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!✨

Thanks for reading my first post 😊

Please tell me what are your small goals in web development this 2020

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Ben Halpern

Welcome to DEV and good luck with all of this!

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Thanks! 😄

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Mahesh Pawar

Keep Doing 👍