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AWS Community Builders Program



I'm excited to announce that I've been accepted into the AWS Community Builders program!

I got an email today inviting me to the program and I can't wait to dive in!


I will focus on cloud operations and I am excited to expand the content of this page to cover more on this topic.

What is the AWS Community Builders Program?

The AWS Community Builders program offers technical resources, education, and networking opportunities to AWS technical enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the technical community.

During the program, AWS subject matter experts will host informative webinars, sharing information, including information about the latest services, as well as best practices for creating technical content, increasing accessibility, and sharing AWS knowledge through online and in-person communities. The program accepts a limited number of members per year.

What are the benefits of joining AWS Community Builders Program?

  • Listen to AWS product teams and learn about new services and features
  • Learn from AWS experts on a variety of topics through weekly webinars
  • AWS Promotional credits and other useful resources to support content creation
  • Opportunities to connect and learn from like-minded developers

Service categories represented in the AWS Community Builders Program

The program currently covers the following technology areas:

  • Containers
  • Data (databases, analytics and BI)
  • Developer tools
  • Front-end web and mobile
  • Gaming technology
  • Graviton/Arm development
  • Cloud Ops
  • Machine learning
  • Network content and delivery
  • Security and compliance
  • Serverless
  • Storage

My Focus Area

I've been focusing on supporting applications hosted on AWS for the past year or so, and that's where I've been on my cloud journey. I've written a few articles about some of the AWS components I've worked on, but I haven't really focused on them.

In email, I focus on the cloud operations category of the program, so I spend more time reading and creating content. My current role majorly focuses on automating the cloud operations, so I will be creating more content on this topic.


I am very excited to be a part of the AWS Community Builders program. I look forward to sharing more content and seeing how I can contribute.

I'm very curious about what you want to see about AWS related content. Please leave your comments on this article. All suggestions are welcome!


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carlarjenkins profile image

Congratulations! I am in the machine learning track!

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Quan Nguyen

Congrats! Followed and looking for more helpful contents about AWS Community Builder!

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Von Peñaloza

Wow! Congrats! It is so fun to be part of AWS Community Builder! Lot's of perks and learnings with other members. Good job!