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Daniel Madalitso Phiri
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Articles that made my Week #001

Hey! It's been a while since I've written to you all on a personal note.

I said hi a while ago.

I haven't changed much (I have). For some reason I forgot how therapeutic writing on here was.

I plan on doing this for a long time as a way of keeping track of my actions and trying to align them with my intentions. They say we are what we eat and reading is like eating for the brain lol. Your actions mirror your intentions and keeping track of what I'm consuming can help me gauge where I'm at and what I'm gravitating towards. It'll be nothing too deep, surface level reasons for why I read/enjoyed something and hopefully you can too.

I've been looking for balance, balance in work and balance in my life. It can all be too much sometimes and figuring out ways to work through things is important. This post by Amrata Ranade did just that for me.

Lots of times you feel dormant and useless, like you've learned nothing despite your constant efforts or work. Figuring out something you like, sticking with it and moving forward has been something I'm working towards and this post by Corbin Taylor, which by the way is filled with such gems, I guess helped me re-adjust and re-strategize.

I speak at conferences and meetups and although I'm definitely not new at it, I haven't necessarily benefited a lot from it and was re-evaluating whether it's something worth spending time and money (it costs a lot to speak) on it. If somehow you feel the same, Erik Dietrich wrote an amazing post that goes into how you can make public speaking benefit you.

It was global game jam about a week ago. My team and I built this game with Vue.js and I wasn't too happy with how slow it was in production, it's been troubling me for the longest time and Vaibhav Namburi offered some insight into what I might have to fix which was rather refreshing - I might just write about it.

Delayed is not denied! You always see people sharing their successes and Didicodes choose to be different. It goes to show that behind so many stories of success are a number of failures, but because we only see one side, may people (including myself) find it hard to cope with their failures and push forward because we think no one else is going through anything similar. Such a good read.

That's been my week. How was your week??

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Ben Halpern

Nice list!

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Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Thank you! They were pretty good posts