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Daniel Madalitso Phiri
Daniel Madalitso Phiri

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👋 Hello

I'm really terrible at introductions so excuse the oversharing! I'm Daniel Phiri a final year CS Student at Parul University where I also happen to be GitHub Campus Expert. My role as Campus Expert involves a lot of taking part in and putting out a lot of community-related projects both technical and non-technical. Which is how I helped startup Uniphyd. Technically, I've worked with Python for Data Analysis and JavaScript for some fun hacks :p

I'm making this post to share the beginning of what I hope will be an awesome journey with what I know is such a wonderful community of tech professionals who hopefully can hold me up to my bullshit when I start to relax too much on my goals and become inconsistent. This is basically something to keep me learning and looking too learning new things as we all should right? Not doing this is a big fear of mine and I'd love it not to be.

When will be able to edit tweets?

JavaScript the challenger I'm recently started as a Developer Evangelist Intern at Hasura and it's such an amazing company. Right now, I'm really interested in learning Vue.js and GraphQL, no specific reason they seem really cool as all. My career goals are simple, I want to be in Developer Relations because my community heavy background made me lean towards that but also because I have a heart for my people (Developers ❤️). That said, I will be sharing my progress on the Vue and GraphQL projects I work on and promise to update you all twice a week. Fingers crossed.

If you see me stray, feel free to steer me in the right direction. Any cool resources related to the stuff I 'm currently learning and/or working on would be great. I look forward to online meeting and interacting with you all.

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Jesse M. Holmes


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Peter Kim Frank

Welcome! :)

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Daniel Madalitso Phiri Author

Thanks! Good to be here :)

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