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Hey! Getting into the week I hadn't published my weekly blog post on time and felt really sad about it.

I eventually published it a few days later and was so happy to get the 4 consecutive weeks of writing badge so on wards we goo!

Per the newly minted tradition, this is last weeks article.

I know at the beginning of the these posts, I talked about matching intention with action and looking at what I've been consuming, there's been a huge shift. This week I guess was the worst - having noticed these I changed it soon enough and tried to consume content that actually matches my intentions.

Decided to get up to speed on this, I've built a couple of microservices in the past and I was curious to see how things have changed. I love how James Hickey added a chart of major technologies and how far they are in terms of main stream adoption. Then he gets pretty deep into microservices. It a long read but it's pretty good.

It's always good to see people share how they've found developer relations. I loved reading about Josh Alphonse and his journey. It made me think about my own journey and since I've been thinking about what has changed for me.

ellie-html brought it with this one, I've been playing around with the possibility of putting up a nice site for my music and mixes and I think it was really nice to see what's possible you know. Sometimes we tend to limit ourselves.

In thinking about what's next for me, I've been thinking about whether remote work is something I want to do again. So I guess reading this article by Kara Luton made a lot of my feelings around remote work feel valid. I've been craving that in-person interaction and it shows aha.

I'll be honest, when I looked at this, I thought Max Ong Zong Bao was going to teach me how to not forget peoples names. Reading into it more, it's really what it says it is - how to remember as a developer. The sprinkle effect of developer blogs though, it's something I forgot about. At the moment I'm learning so much and it was a good reminder to document it because surely enough, future me will forget and I will have to reference something.

It wasn't the easiest week, I haven't been well but that little boost at the beginning made me feel so much better. How was your week?

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