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Articles that made my Week #003

I figure if you read these then you're pretty aware of what I'm doing :p

I ended up posting it much later than I was supposed to (Friday the 21st Feb). I had quite a busy week with family coming over and my health taking quite the dive. Regardless here it is... also I'm sad that I won't get my 4 weeks of consecutive posting badge as soon as I wanted but hey 🤷

Tomasz Łakomy tweeted asking about what content people are creating and I replied with a few things I'm doing.

It made me think of my npm package and plans I have for growing it. Victor Nogueira brought out some really good points on what to consider when he shared his experience publishing and sharing a package. I don't want to put too much on my plate at the moment but this is definitely something I want to refine.

Zubair Mohsin asked something I've always wanted to. CSS isn't my strongest skill and so many people have mentioned how revolutionary flexbox is, I loved the answers. They pointed me towards some really great resources and cheat sheets.

The who idea of JamStack sites always confused me and like I'm just happy Brian Rinaldi put this article out. It gives us a very brief and concise history of the term and what it actually means.

"JavaScript, APIs and markup (the JAM in JAMstack) can describe pretty much every site on the web. Overly generic sounding buzzwords immediately set off most developer's BS detector."

did it for me haha.

Headless CMS is another term that always threw me off. I've worked with them without knowing it, reading this article by Gift Egwuenu explains what they are, what they do and which ones are worth using - all things worth knowing if that's your cup of tea.

The folks at Orbit are always dropping community gems. I've never seen anyone put out a newsletter on and as if the idea alone isn't appealing, the content is just so nice and helpful. For a first edition, somethings in the newsletter really caught my eye - the idea of a high gravity community is an interesting one. You should check out the latest edition by Josh Dzielak.

To make up for putting this out late, I added the full five articles lol. How was your week??

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