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Ryota Murakami
Ryota Murakami

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I'd like to enrich my value

There is the DEVConnect feature but people don't know who am I.

I'm React/ReactNative dev 4y and half.
i'm bothering for future career so I have to learn and prove skilled developer to toplevel tech Company.

I'd like to over 100kUSD annual and Engineering with professionals.

Do I think I am professional right now? NO...
Training is necessary for half a year to a year and a half.

I want to quit the company right now if possible and focus on training, but if I do not work I can not eat it from me no matter what I go.
I do not know if it can be called engineering Days that repeat implementation of a quick preparation.

For the business side of the company they need to launch the killer feature earlier than the competition is technology, if the function launches the goal is achieved.

Although the introduction has become longer, I like to do real software engineering like the React core team!

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My advice to you is to be patient.

Try to train 1-2 hours a day before or after work. Maybe even try to train during work if it is possible.

The key is consistency. If you keep doing it for a while, then you will get better and then you can apply for better jobs, without having to quit your job.

Give it time. Time is key in becoming better developer.

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Ryota Murakami

Thank you so much, I got a energy of mind馃挭

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Felippe Regazio • Edited

Agree with Robe.

And would like to add 3 key points:

  1. Training with passion. Give yourself a target and do the impossible to reach it. Use all situations to study how to give your target the most elegant and right resolution. Even if your target is to do a hello world or construct a new cms, there will be nice and best ways to reach it. When you reach this target, find a harder one. Be passionate about your target.

  2. Keep a routine. If you cant code today for any motive, read about at the subway. If you cant read or code now, think about a better solution for a problem you had. Again: be passionate.

  3. Take a free time, go for a walk, see your friends, sleep. Take a time to not code.

And as the others already told ya : be patient :)

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Brenda Lim贸n

I鈥檓 just a beginner, I don鈥檛 consider myself a developer, and when I decided to focus on learning how to code was because I knew it was gonna be a long training, I study 2-3 hours per day, the rest is job in communications, because, yeah, you need money to live, I can say that you should stay at work for some time, and study after work, when you feel that you鈥檙e prepared as a developer expert, then go eat the world!

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If you can build an application that works, no matter how small or big it is, then you are a developer. Don't underestimate yourself.

Also, if you study 2-3 hours a day, then in about 6-12 months you should be able to land an entry job as a junior developer.

If programming is where you see yourself, you will have to make the jump sooner than later, and my advice is SOONER, because a developer's career is a looooooong journey, so better start soon!