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Andrés Baamonde Lozano
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SignalR core python client (III): Streamming

Sunday's hangover, so I added a new functionality to my singalrcore library, as usual it works with the microsoft example and i'll try making the syntax closest thing to javascript as possible.


On Microsoft's example there is a cancellation token on stream function on the server, this example was done without this parameter on the function, so if you want work with the code below just delete this params on the counter function.
Code function

Tiny example

Start and open connection

hub_connection = HubConnection(server_url)
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Open stream
    [10, 500],
    lambda x: print("next callback: ", x),
    lambda x: print("complete  callback", x),
    lambda x: print("error  callback", x))
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Stream function has five parameters, last three are callback function matching with javascripts suscribe object
Javascript example stream

Fully example


  • message pack
  • Auth (now only working by querystring negotiate)



I'm trying to build this library with simplest way possible, so if you think that there is a better way to do it, leave a comment. Asap i'll edit github library contribute section, so any contribution is welcommed.

Thank you for reading, and write any thought below :D

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