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Is this how Whatsapp and Telegram hacked?

Is Good Morning Messages on whatsapp are way to hack your mobile?

Please do not try this for any illegal activity. I believe discussions about these kinds of loop holes will surely result in future with more secure apps.This is one of the example I am stating here. I have no knowledge about hacking.

Is it possible to deliver a program to any other device and take over control of its mobile or desktop system?

I think its possible.

A few years back, I seen a documentary on ethical hacking. But in that documentary they were using email to send 'such' file to another device. However, I am not worried much in 2020 as most email services are using anti-virus and quarantining such contaminated files.

But there are certain real time transferring apps that can be used by hackers: Telegram, Whatsapp and Line are few. They only encrypt message but not scan messages for viruses before delivering to devices.

So, I tried to create a good morning message with an .apk file (android app). Its too simple.

Here is command line:

copy /b goodmorning.jpeg + hidden.apk goodmorning.jpeg

It will easily get into a device as good morning message and when someone clicks it; it will ask to install the android app. This can be done for any IOS : windows, ubuntu , IOS etc. I am sure there are ways to install an app without asking for user permissions.

What I am pointing here in this post that in 2020, we have Real Time Communication with encryption but we are missing malicious scanning of files before it get transfered. The only way to know a harmful file is to check the aspect ratio of file size ( dimensions ) and memory it acquire.A 5px x 5px pic file cant be 12MB. Scanning such files manually is a very difficult task.

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide. They all are prone to attackers.

I don't know any present solution available to the problem except not allowing media to direct download in file system plus using a good anti-virus.

The layman's Learning:
1.Encryption is not going to help to safeguard your privacy.
2.People don't care for privacy they only need platform to communicate fast.
3.RTC should ensure malicious files get killed at origination or on fly but before landing to other device.

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