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Important Questions of Docker Containerization

According to the Stack Over Flow 2020 Developer Survey: Linux remains the most loved platform and container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes rank as the second and third most loved.

In this post i have covered some of the important questions which you can cover in order get started with the Docker Containerization.

  1. Glossary: Image, Container, Docker Hub and Repositories ( Private and Public )

  2. What is Docker?

  3. What is Virtual Machine and Virtualization?

  4. Docker Vs VMs

  5. Why Do i Need to Use Docker?

  6. Features of Docker

  7. Drawbacks of Docker

  8. Explain Docker Image

  9. Explain Docker Engine

  10. Explain Docker Registries

  11. Knowing the Basic Docker Commands

  12. How to start or stop the containers

  13. Important Docker Commands in Docker File

  14. What is Memory Swap Flag

  15. Explain Docker Swarm

  16. Monitoring the Docker in Production Environment

  17. States of Docker Container

  18. Explain Docker Hub

  19. Explain some practical examples by writing Dockerfile for python, or Java etc

  20. Explain Docker Client and Daemon

  21. CI/CD in Docker

  22. Explain Docker Architecture

Intentionally answers are not provided and it is up to readers who can frame the answers by going through the different resources and by practicing in your local development Environment.

Please feel free to add more questions to it , looking forward for the suggestions thanks in advance

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