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Marcelo Toledo
Marcelo Toledo

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Travis-CI x GitHub Actions. Which one is the best?

I've always used the Travis-CI for all my personal projects during years and I'm still liking it very much, but recently I've been testing GitHub Actions.

In this case, I'm using the same project and the same process, so I compared the time of execution between these two tools to do it:

  • Run Rubocop
  • Run tests with Rspec

Okay, these are the times I got when I run the build:

  • Travis-CI result:


  • and GitHub Actions result:


What do you think about it?
Make your own tests and share them!

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Ishaan Sheikh

I haven't used any CI service before. Yesterday I started with GitHub actions and I can say it's an awesome tool for development. I had setup a workflow for my demo python application.
The only thing I found irritating is that it fails for windows showing some error related to if statement.

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Marcelo Toledo

Lol, good job!!!