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How much time do you spend on education during the week?

Dev education is so important in our job. How much time do you speed each week on your education?

I do one day per week. Most of the times it's Friday. In stressy times its about 2 hours per week.

Cheers marc

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ItsASine (Kayla)

I idly read articles here and elsewhere on the web throughout the week. If there's something I want to learn more about or use in something, I dive more into that on weekends. Overall, it's not very structured and tends to be more motivated by what I'm curious about than a set "I must know how to do this fully and I will dedicate time each week towards that."

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I totally know what you mean.

I started to write about the topics I am curious about. Not like a blog but more like notes to myself. It helps me to stay on some topics.

But I think it's also fine if you don't dive into all topics deeply. Sometimes we are just curious and that's it.

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isaaccooper • Edited

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I try to devote at least 2-3 hours to education

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I study every day. Because I haven't worked