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Marko Shiva
Marko Shiva

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Team up TwilioHackaton?

Still undecided on what to make so I am currently still searching for people for my team on multiple networks.

My idea is to make either a dashboard or some communication app with alerts for elderly any way any other idea is appreciated.
The description for the hackathon you can find here:
and there are many useful posts in the tag #twiliohackathon

Who want to apply to join the team just comment on the post or send a message.

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Marko Shiva

As an update what I envisioned as idea is to make an app that will use Twilio SMS service and SendGrid for sending updates to subscribed numbers.

It will have also option of notifying the number of people that are infected in country and people in the area city. Also I would also like to make an android app that will have the ability to update that backend app as well as show current data on COVID cases pulled from the database through some api and as well some simple projection of spread of cases based on the current data.

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I would like to join!