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Martin Krause
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5 Articles every WebDev should read about performance (#1)

A curated list of the top five web development must-reads about front end and web development performance. Don't miss out on the latest web development stories and insights. Read all about the cutting edge in web development, working in tech and the new tools and frameworks while learning a few new tricks.

Web Performance Metrics Cheatsheet

A summary an explanation of the web performance metrics

CLS at BuzzFeed — Part 1: Raising The Floor

This article is part of a three-part series documenting how BuzzFeed tackled their issues with Cumulative Layout Shift as part of a broader Web Vitals initiative.

Optimizing resource loading with Priority Hints

Priority hints indicate the relative importance of resources to the browser. They can enable optimal loading and improve Core Web Vitals.

Towards an animation smoothness metric

Learn about measuring animations, how to think about animation frames, and overall page smoothness.

Top Challenges of Automated End-to-End Testing

See which challenges affect most end-to-end testing efforts and learn how to overcome them to help build and maintain high-quality applications.

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Top comments (2)

lamka02sk profile image

Priority hints are new and non-standard feature made by Google. No browsers supports it.

martinkr profile image
Martin Krause

Hi lamka02sk,

yes, it's also in the article "Priority Hints are an experimental feature available as an origin trial in Chrome 96+". Nonetheless, it's a very intereting freature and could be extremely helpful if it's becomming a standard-feature.