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Making beautiful websites: Top 5 FREE font resources

Choosing a beautiful and unique fonts makes your logo and your project stand out.

Check out the top five resources for unique and beautiful fonts below.

PS: Don't forget to check the bonus link!

The internet’s source of freely-usable fonts. Period.
Nearly all fonts have different weights, pairing suggestions and they even host the files for you on their blazing-fast content delivery network.


The "Free Font Utopia" provides you with hand-selected typefaces that are licensed for commercial work and ready to use. You will find a lot of unique fonts you just won’t find anywhere else.


The largest collection with 60 378 free fonts for your creative process.


15 929 free fonts and counting. Ready to use for your next logo.


Fontasy is a free font archive featuring 1101 selected fonts.

Bonus: fontspace

Free downloads of licensed fonts that can be used in your commercial and non-commercial projects right away.

Have fun and if you buy me a coffee I can stay awake and write another post ;)

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