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Making beautiful websites: Top 5 FREE font pairing resources

Choosing fonts and especially font pairs is hard. But choosing the right combination makes or breaks every design.
Selecting fonts that share an overarching theme, yet have a good matching contrast is, a matter of intuition and experience.

Don't worry - check out the top five resources for unique and beautiful font pairing below.

PS: Don't forget to check the bonus link!


The internet’s source for google font pairings. Period.
Thousands of beautiful font pairings, editable sample text complete with matching color palettes - the one-stop-solution for stunning google font pairs.

Basically organized in categories and lists, also suggets a matching font to your favorite one. Once you found your font pair, they provide you with CSS ready to use!


Bored of scrolling through lists of suggestions? Feeling lucky?
Try Mixfont and their unique generator. A click on the button provides you with a randomly chosen but visually pleasing font pairing from their collection of more than 600 000 possibilities.


Their slogan is "What’s Trending in Type" - and this is exactly what you will find here: a curated list of stunning font pairings and color themes.


An archive of font pairings and designs. More a library of inspirations than a search engine but none the less an amazing resource for beautiful typopraphy.

Bonus: fontjoy

A completely new approach to a century old problem: fontjoy generates font combinations by leveraging deep learning technology.

Have fun and if you buy me a coffee I can stay awake and write another post ;)

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