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How to create an on-demand platform like Uber with Flutter?

mathewjason64 profile image Mathew Jason ・4 min read

Uber is one of the top ride-hailing service providers in the market. And they became brand of some services like peer to peer ride-sharing, food delivery, and micro-mobility.

Uber business model and its service become top in all over the places. Some of them started building an on-demand platform like Uber, to provide various services. To compete with all other competitors they started building an on-demand platform on both web and mobile apps (iOS & Android).

To stand out from the crowd, they started building/upgrading with modern technologies, features, and better user experience.

About Flutter:

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Flutter is one of the modern technologies, And it is a free and open-source software development kit (SDK). Single codebase to develop applications in iOS, Android, and other web applications. Apps of Flutter developed using Dart programming language.

Dart is an object-oriented programming language developed by Google. Flutter runs in Dart virtual machine to come with a just-in-time execution that allows the Hot Reload. So, changes made in the code would be reflected in the running app, resulting in a fast update of the app.

Why should your on-demand platform developed with Flutter?

  1. Developing the on-demand platform with flutter which save development cost and time.
  2. Flutter is suitable to build for Minimum Viable Products (MVP).
  3. Perfect outlook and appealing UI.
  4. Easy to test and maintenance.

Create an on-demand platform:

Creating an on-demand platform like Uber with these 3 processes,

  1. Market Research
  2. Gather Requirements
  3. Testing

1. Market Research

Market research is one of the first things to start with an analysis of when, how, who, and what kind of services your target consumer prefers.

2. Gather Requirements

After analysing the current market strength and its weakness, you can start gathering the requirements to build the on-demand platform.

The Requirements can be the feature, UI (how the app should be?), and more.

The on-demand platforms like Uber involve 3 peoples.

  • Rider
  • Driver &
  • Admin

Rider and Driver come with separate apps in both (iOS & Android).


Rider App is easy to handle by the riders to interact with the driver. They can easily track the driver's current location. And payments can be easily made through online platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Rider App Features:

  • One-Click Signup Option:
    The app should have a well-designed signup-form that designed with a safe, secure, and simple registration process for the riders.

  • Multiple Categories:
    The rider can choose a variety of vehicles based on their interests. And the app must show the preferred choice of vehicle and also within their budget.

  • Fare Estimation:
    The rider will get the fare estimation, after entering the exact pickup and drop location. And they can get the billing after the ride is completed.

  • Stripe 3D Secure:
    The stripe 3D Secure feature is mainly for providing safe and secure transactions.

  • SOS Assistance:
    SOS Assistance, one of the required features in the Uber app. In case of emergency, the rider can use SOS assistance to call help. For security purposes only.

  • Live Tracking:
    The rider can easily track their current location along with the current route of the driver. These features can help both riders and drivers to know their exact location and time of arrival.


Driver App is easily handled by the drivers to interact with riders. They can easily find the riders' present location on the map. If the ride was safe and secure, the rider adds some tips to the driver too.

Driver App Features:

  • Confirm or Decline Booking
    The driver can confirm or decline the booking based on their availability and location.

  • Privacy mode of earned details
    The driver can hide their total earning details for security purposes.

  • Driver's Availability
    The driver can switch on if they are willing to drive. If not, they can switch back to offline mode.

  • In-call options
    If the rider entered the wrong location details, the driver can call the rider to know their exact location information.

  • Trips
    The trips feature available in both rider and driver to know the current and past trip in a separate section.

  • Push notification
    Push notification can be useful to know new updates, bookings, offers, and other details.


Admin is the one who manages the platform. He has the right to make any changes to the platforms.

Admin Features:

  • Manage the Riders/Drivers
  • Cancelled bookings.
  • Manage Categories.
  • Mange Vehicle.
  • Manage Bookings.


After, the process testing team needs to check the product manually. And should deliver high app performance, stable functioning, and adaptable UI design.

If you are interested in creating an on-demand platform like Uber with Flutter, or if you have any different ideas to start with, reach us - we will guide you.

Reach Us: Uber Clone - Built with Flutter

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