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Is this project eligible for the #gftwhackathon ?

So, I've been thinking about a project for a while, and maybe this is a good moment to develop it.

It is a Pronunciation Learning Web Platform, where the user will be prompted with an English word (like, say, "apple") and will try to pronounce it correctly. After that, the system will try to understand that pronunciation with Speech to Text technology and will return if the user has spelled it right or wrong, based on a parameter called "Confidence" in Speech To Text technologies.

Since good STT is still a heavy and expensive technique, I'm planning to make two types of accounts, where:

Free Account - Speech to Text will be done using the Web Speech API(, where the user has to use a browser who have support for that technology.

Paid Account - The user can use mostly any browser, and the Speech to Text will be done in a Server.

I'm planning to make that distinction using the Web Monetization API. I still don't have a good understanding of how Licenses work, but I want to make it Open Source.

Is this project viable for DEV's and Mozilla's Grant fort he Web? I'm asking cause even though I use Web Monetization, it does not seem like I'm helping with the distribution, and discoverability of content online.

Is this project eligible?

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Chris Lawrence

Hello @matluz - For the Hackathon or an eventual Grant for the Web submission if you focus on the way you use Web Monetization as the differentiator between free and paid content, or in some way think about that access you are eligible. You might also think about how you signal/promotes this distinction and educate your users.

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Matheus Luz

Hi, thanks for the response.