Does DEV.TO have an OAuth Server to fetch User Posts

Updated on May 16, 2018

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Check this comment:

We don't have anything we support with great guarantees, but this'll do the trick for fetching the links:

Keep me in the loop if the API breaks. Eventually we'll probably have something stable.

You also have an RSS feed for whole posts:

But warning, custom embeds will need appropriate css.

I appreciate your response.. But then, this will encourage users to claim other users post maybe by lie-ing about username.

But posts are public already, so there's no need for authentication.

My posts are here:

Your posts are here:

The authentication is so I wont be able to impersonate using someelse post....

I want to integrate it here...

So, when you check, it will list only my blog post... but without authentication as a verification of the user having an account on ... People can start to put others username as theirs..

I'm not sure how melindex works but if you have control of your account then will show whatever you program it for.

If you code it to show your posts it will show your posts, there's no way it can show other people's posts unless you get hacked or something...

For example tweets are usually public so if I want to I can build a website to show Beyoncé's tweets, but that's not an issue, it's a choice. Usually people embed their own tweets on their websites, but there's nothing preventing them to embed Beyoncé's tweets.

I'm not sure I see the problem sorry.

Thanks for the reply so far...

melindex is meant to be an index(just like the index of a book) of someones online presence...

Now imagine the index of a book reference another books content...

I hope i made sense with this analogy...

Doing this is so to prevent post impersonation...

Just like now... I can create a website, call it my blog.. fetch your posts, show your posts as like I am the original author...

Sure but I wouldn't worry too much, if you post content on any public site anyone can repost it and claim it is theirs in theory. Copyright aside.

I'm not famous enough to have people wanting to impersonate me 😂

LoL... You are and will continue to be more famous...

So, as I have said... When you visit someone personal page, maybe for recruiting purpose or something.. then, you should only see things original by them... That is what I am trying to prevent..

Another thing I am thinking is asking users to make a post with a particular auto-generated title to verify the feeds belong to them.

LoL... I cant click it.. to see the question that was answered though...

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