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Matthew Brophy
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Feeling Burnt Out Right Meow? Paws and Take a Mewment for Yourself

As I approach the end of my dev bootcamp journey, I have found it easy to feel burnt out and like I just...need a break. As I searched for inspiration to take a break I saw one of my lazy cats sleeping on my couch. I realized they know how to relax better than anyone I know. I also realized I was relaxing just by looking at them....So without further ado...look at my cats!

Meet Jerry and Sam

Everyone knows freshly cleaned clothes make the best beds

Sam (The cream colored one) is 8 years old and Jerry (The red one) is almost 6 years old. They are both shelter cats and are attached at the hip. It wasn't always like that though. We got Sam 2 years before Jerry and when we first brought Jerry home, Sam would do nothing but hiss and swat at him. But nowadays it is hard to find them apart from one another.

Just two cats huggin' it out

Their favorite passtimes include:

  • Losing all their toys under the couch
  • Kicking litter all over our hardwood floors and getting it in our bed
  • Bird watching
  • Eating ribbons and broom bristles
  • Costing way too much money to feed because they both need prescription vet food
  • Singing the songs of their people EVERY MORNING BETWEEN 4:30 and 5 AM
  • Being Cute

As you may be able to tell...

They have...

Very rough lives.

They aren't always asleep...

"Pet my belly...So I can bite and scratch you when you do!"

"You got anymore of that (whatever you're eating)???"

But they usually are asleep...

"Rub ma' belleh!"

"Bean Toes!"

"More Bean Toes..."

"I'll never let you go."

"So Majestic..."

"I"M A RAC...I'M A CAT."

Glamour Shots!


"I'm Really Soft..."

"Sun is Nice."

"My Favorite"

Thanks for enjoying my cats!

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lhoffmanwg1 profile image
laura hoffman

Matthew, thanks for this!! At Flatiron in Seattle, today is Mod1's project day. This article was prrrrrrfect for this moment. It made me smile! Love the random raccoon btw.

matthewbrophy profile image
Matthew Brophy

Ha! So glad to hear. It's important to take a step back and smile from time to time while grinding!