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Voting poll helps! Should dev.to have it?

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Many times, we need to make choice between different technologies, libraries, frameworks, design patterns, algorithms etc... We do research and generally, we get differences, pros and cons of them but sometimes it is still unclear for us what to use.

There are lots of intelligent people out there who are willing to help you and give you a suggestion but it takes more effort to go to the comment section and write something and post it. And many of us sometimes just ignore the post and question due to lack of time.

But what if we have an option to attach an opinion poll to our article on dev.to? so that one can write an article describing their situation and attach a poll on it setting few options and other people can easily vote by just a single tap or click! like below codepen

I believe that it will give us a clear idea and statistics that what people think and suggest.

What do you guys say? I am thinking of creating an issue regarding this on dev.to git repo but I just want to know what you guys think about this feature?

Please post what do you think about this in the comment section as currently, I believe dev.to does not have any opinion poll functionality.

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I think the current discuss and healthydebate tags are more useful - others have touched on the quality of responses, and having polls without, say, a reason field doesn't prompt much discussion either.


Thanks for the response


I think this is a great idea.

Pros: It will save time of both the participants and the article writer.

Cons: Sometimes people may vote even if they don't have a clear concept over that issue. Thinking over this we may come up with a solution for sure.


Thanks Shunjid,
I have seen this type of feature in many apps, and many of those apps don't show us the current result before voting. Once we vote, it will show the current vote results, so that one won't go with the flow but vote for actual option that he/she thinks would be good.


I think it could be a good feature! I'd say you should open the issue on GitHub and see what the reception is like there! (It's a shame you're going to have to read through all these comments to get people's feedback haha!)


Thank you Michael, I'll open this issue on Github repo.


Not a big fan. I think it would lower quality of the responses. People tend to vote even without reading the whole issue. That happens less when you have to reply with a text message. Those usually also come with an elaboration, which makes them actually valuable.

Eventually you'd probably get more feedback, but with a lower value...


Thanks for the feedback, partially agree with you but if I describe my situation, I sometimes want to answer or want to give my opinion but I don't have time so this feature will make it easy... and I don't think these awesome dev community people will vote without reading or understanding but yes some noise will be there...


A big fan!
This will greatly increase the number of responses one gets on let's say a question. Most times people are busy and sometimes lazy too to give feedback, but doing it with just a click would make things easier.

Yes! Like all solutions, this would come with some drawbacks, but you see it is just going to be an addition to what's already available on dev.to. This will just give users multiple options to pick from


Thanks Nyior


Really useful...


Thanks for the feedback Nikhil