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Maureen T'O
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(Realistic) List of Web Dev Resources 💻🚀

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I've been finding a lot of articles on DEV lately that garner a TON of reactions, especially ones that provide lists of more than 50+ or 100+ resources!

That's a lot. 🤯

A lot of choice paralysis, too.

In reality, it's not about how popular the resources are, or how many you can add to your archive list (where they collect dust 💨). Instead, it's about what goal you want these resources help you with. So, I will do just that!

Keep in mind these are my own opinions and by all means, if you like those really long resource lists, do use them. This list is meant to be accessible, cost-effective, and focused - they are also resources that have been successful for my learning.

My resources are all multimodal ways of learning (audiovisual, reading) - some may not be fully accessible by nature. At the end of the day, you know what works best for you.

Lastly, my resources are NOT hundreds of hours long! I studied all I have of frontend web development throughout the latter half of my full-time undergraduate degree, so when it comes to time-management, I've got you covered ☺️

Disclaimer: I’m a Vue.js fan, so I’m sorry I don’t have as much React.js sources 🥲. However, freeCodeCamp's React course has a great, focused introduction.

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  1. HTML / CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. Vue.js / Nuxt.js
  4. Version Control
  5. Responsive Web Design
  6. Forums
  7. Industry Knowledge


Absolute must if you're going into web development, and 100% needed for frontend development. These two are the builders of the visual front of the web


Literally the language of the modern web. A bit of a Frankenstein language, but you'll definitely need this language to understand the ecosystem of the web and why the web depends on it

Vue.js / Nuxt.js

If you're learning Vue.js, these are the BEST resources I've stuck with, from basics to advanced

Note: Vue Mastery has courses on Nuxt.js!

Version Control

Must have if you're to work in teams / companies, and track versions of your projects

Responsive Web Design

The most necessary skillset you can add to your web design / development career


When learning anything, you'll almost always get by with a little help from friends and fellow classmates. Take a quick coffee break ☕️ and hop on these places for some help

  • StackOverFlow - I don't find SO helpful for asking questions (am I the only one that gets shamed for a slightly unclear question? 🥲). Instead, I use SO for finding issues that others have answers for

Industry Knowledge

Knowledge doesn't have to be specific! Reading blogs and subscribing to the right newsletters might be the best way to gain practical industry knowledge in tech

  • Smashing Magazine newsletter - wide range of really interesting topics on design, frontend development and new tech. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (Still subscribed in 2022) ☺️


Alrighty, that's it for today. This post will be updated as I find new info. 2 out of 2 posts today done! ✅

My first post today if you want to read:

It's been about time I collected all my resources I've learned successfully from into a list so it can be helpful for others! My rule of thumb is I don't learn from the most popular teachers like Wes Bos or Traversy Media because the teaching styles don't always fit.

This way, I save time sifting through who's most popular and instead focus on my limited time with a course/tutorial that is high impact 🌟

This method of learning web dev has really helped me…

  • reduce anxiety (long resource lists of 50+ scares me 😬);
  • focus rather than suffer from "shiny object syndrome"

Have you had any resources you stick by? What learning style works for you? Drop them in the comments below!

Top comments (8)

iainfreestone profile image
Iain Freestone

Thank you.

The resource I go back to time and time again is the MDN Web Docs

maureento8888 profile image
Maureen T'O • Edited

Ohh yes! I love MDN too, for when I need to find a quick tutorial on syntax! I should definitely add another heading for quick tips now ☺️

Edit: Absolutely no problem at all! My hope with these posts is to make sure they really help someone learn why a tutorial / course worked, instead of collecting reactions on DEV.

ackzell profile image
Axel Martínez

Refreshing to see more names than the cited above 😅.

I liked the honesty there. And I agree, if the teaching style doesn't fit, one needs to go look for an alternative that does, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Light and focused is a great approach to keep a resources list!

maureento8888 profile image
Maureen T'O

Axel, thank you so much! This was what I wanted out of resource lists, was for it to have real substance rather than a quick search engine hit of the latest 100+ tutorials/courses/teachers (which can be done to get reactions, than really being helpful for anyone!) ❤️

jordienr profile image
Jordi Enric

Thank you for making a comprehensible list instead of just making a list of 500+ links 👏

maureento8888 profile image
Maureen T'O • Edited

Oh my gosh, you folks are too nice! 😭 This was exactly what I hoped my list would do, thank you! 🥺 I was so tired of seeing 100 or more resource lists anyone can post about. I always believe quality > quantity is the best philosophy! 🙏🏼❤️

mccurcio profile image
Matt Curcio

That is Excellent!
There are too many
1001 links to everything related to web stuff that you will need

It is so much better to get a curated list any day!

maureento8888 profile image
Maureen T'O

Matt, thank you (and everyone!) for such heartwarming comments 🥺❤️ I totally agree there’s been TOO MANY of the 100+ resource lists but yet not enough detail surrounding WHY we must follow a particular learning path / course. I really wanted to emphasize quality > quantity since in the long term, it takes us further than constantly going through choice paralysis 🙏🏼

Thank you so much for the support!