What are you working on for Open Source?

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Howdy there! Since yesterday started Hacktoberfest over at GitHub, I was wondering what everyone was going to get themselves involved with. Though this is an annual event hosted by one company, I'd love to hear how you make yourself involved in open source.

Share any tips or tricks for people at any level. Even share a project that could use some love for the month of October.

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I had a great experience contributing to both mathsteps and Nteract! The maintainers on these projects were so welcoming & responsive, which matters a lot in open source.

If you'd like share a resource for women in tech, look no further than contributing to any of the Ladies Storm Hackathons projects.


One of my good friends Cassidy Williams built this project called todometer that always welcomes new ideas! If you are unsure how to contribute take a read through her section in the README.

Also something to consider is adding in more Contribution Guidelines or Issue/Pull Request Templates for the repo or other projects. Documentation is a crucial part to the success of Open Source projects and doesn't get enough love for people getting started sometimes. Be the change you want to see in the world!


This week I'm caught between my learning projects in Go :
High performance O(1) priority queues
Pool thread - workers design pattern with UI/Visual explanation
and Bitcoin mnemonic wallet algorithm

But ... I want to contribute to small React or Go project, haven't got the time to search for one yet 😔.


As a core team member of Cycle.js I can say that we always welcome new contributors. We have a few issues marked "Hacktoberfest" that I think are easy to solve and fir questions we have an active gitter chat


I'm working on an Open Source ARA solution called DeployHub. There's a Jenkins plugin to allow you to use it as a CI/CD setup. It deploys agentlessly to remote end-points and has a web interface with drag-and-drop set up.

We need more people to pitch in! deployhub.org


I'm going to be trying to get an animation/tweening library for Arduino projects "finished" enough to share around. It'll make doing fancy patterns with LEDs or smooth movements of servos easy to do without complicated loops at the cost of some extra bytes.

Not for Hacktoberfest, specifically.


I'm also considering doing some of it on Twitch, too. Since live coding streams are a thing, I guess? Seems potentially fun!


Shamelessly plugging in this project done by The Practical Dev: 1Pr!


I'm interested in contributing to some android/kotlin related project. Any suggestions?


Currently working on a wiimote controlled car with a friend. Using an arduino controller and a pi to glue things together:



Working on an extension for Visual Studio, and contributing to some OSS projects I find interesting or useful.


I'll be working on GitPoint and probably shuffling around other interesting projects!


Working on Mediaq, a library to listen to media queries updates in JavaScript.

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