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Get VSCode On Android 📱

To Run VSCode On Android, We're Gonna Use A Terminal Emulator Called Termux you can install it on the play store it allows you to run a sort of Linux emulator you'll also need an Electron App Called Code-Server which is just a VSCode Server so we're gonna use Termux to host Code-Server allowing Us To USe VSCode In Our Browser

Installing Termux 📥

So First Things First Installing Termux you can get it from the play store and you'll just have to install and launch it

Installing Dependencies 💾

Now let's Install the Dependencies you'll need NodeJS yarn python and git also build-essentials according to the Termux NodeJS wiki for building native extensions you can use this command to do so

pkg install nodejs yarn build-essential python git
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Installing And Running VSCode Server 🧑‍💻

finally, install VSCode Server With This Command

yarn global add code-server
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Note: This May Take A While

Now You Can Run VSCode Server Using this Command:

code-server &
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Updating VSCode Server 📥💾

Now If You Need To Update VSCode Server For Any Reason Run This Command:

pkg update
yarn global remove code-server
yarn global add code-server
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this basically updates the package lists and removes and reinstalls VSCode Server

Hosting On Server

If You Want To Run VSCode Server On An Actual Server You Can Use A Hosting Platform That Won't Break The Bank 🏦 Use DigitalOcean and Get $100 In Credits To Host Your Servers

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Is the repo down atm?

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sorry for the late reply but no it is not down