How do you manage your bookmarks?

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Especially the relevant ones, not yet read, not to be buried or forget about, worthy of future review but that, for any reason, can not be read immediately.

Browser extensions, external apps, custom tools, paper and pencil, etc?


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Hey, I made a little bookmark manager for the Node Knockout hackathon. It is a very basic CRUD app but it will be improved during the next weeks : nodeknockout.com/entries/76-es-com...


I primarily use Google Chrome as my browser and I just use the bookmark bar under the address bar. I have a lot of resources and bookmarks and I try my best to keep them categorized in folders.

This is a small example of what I mean:

Bookmark bar


Thank you. How do you manage to not bury or forget the lot of resources and bookmarks?


hey, I have developed a tool just for that to help me in my day to day dev life at bookmarks.dev and made it publicly available - I use a lot the history, read later and pinned section, and also the custom search when I want to point to a bookmark I know it's there...


Thank you, this looks very cool solution. Going to check it thoroughly :)


Gitlab Snippets mostly

Only time I ever really use Chrome bookmarks is for something I'll hit often, like my university's registration system. Will I ever remember that url? Doubt it. Could I typo it and end up at a phishing site? Maybe. So I have a Chrome folder of sites I keep pinned (so I can just open the folder with a fresh browser instance and boom, all my tabs are there nice and fresh) and one of "favorites" which is just things I want to autocomplete so I don't typo them.

I haven't found a perfect solution yet, but that's why I'm going down the path of Gitlab snippets to at least use markdown. Resources for later with notes then hopefully will be added to this:

ItsASine / resources

Notated and organized personal bookmarks, open sourced

Table of Contents



I have a habit of accumulating things to read which never actually get read.
To combat this, I went through and actually read everything that I wanted to at some point in time with the goal to open-source the knowledge gained from it.


  1. I highly suggest using your browser's search box to navigate to where you want to go
  2. Please click through to the original article or project to see it from the source if you find it interesting! This is very much just a cursory ELI5 of each link mostly to have them all in one place
  3. Let me know if this is helpful 😘

Build Process

This is built using GitHub Pages and Jekyll, though the original lists are in my GitLab Snippets.

that way I can search on it and have it in categories for easy reference.

I should probably just make a database of some sort, though.


This is an interesting solution. I did something similar in the past and found it portable enough, but still easily becoming cumbersome.

About the database, do you already have any idea about it?


Nothing concrete, especially since as you mentioned, the portability is important.

Ideally, I'd like on my Mac or Chromebook to be able to have access to a repository of links, notes, and tags for each of my saved bookmarks.

My dev.to Reading List is exclusively To Read and Chrome bookmarks exclusively those things I don't want to typo, so I need a third solution. Right now that's the gitlab thing, but as you said, it's cumbersome :\