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Gsap GreenSock Snippets

Gsap GreenSock Snippets

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Hello Everyone!

Today I want to share something I have been working on that I hope becomes useful for many developers.

I created a vs code extension with a bunch of useful snippets for GSAP, called Gsap GreenSock Snippets.

You can download the extension directly from vs code or from the marketplace if you visit the next link.

What is GSAP?

As they describe in their website, it is a robust JavaScript toolset that turns developers into animation superheroes. We obsess about performance, compatibility, and support so that you don't have to.

With almost 15k GitHub stars, more than 300.000 weekly downloads, and 11 million sites using it, GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform) is one of the best libraries for web animations.

And even though, GSAP can take your website to the next level, its learning curve is rather shallow and the best of it is that the documentation is really good with a lot of examples and videos.

My experience with GSAP

I have been learning about gsap for about a year and even though I am far away from being an expert or even really good at it, it has helped me tremendously and made a big impact on my career, since I have been able to add new features to the projects I have been working.

So that is why, I recommend everyone that is interested in frontend web development to take their time and learn it because I am sure it will make an impact on your career too.

About the extension

GSAP GREENSOCK Snippets include snippets for some of the best and most used features of GreenSock.
From the basics to , from , fromTo to more elaborate snippets for Draggable,
Flip and of course ScrollTrigger.

On top of that, there are snippets for quick imports and registration, creating costume effects, utility methods and more.


The snippets are is inspired by GreenSock's documentation.


Snippet Purpose
gfrom gsap.from(selector,{fromVars})
gfromTo gsap.fromTo(selector, {fromVars}, {toVars});
gset gsap.set(selector, {toVars});
gtl Create gsap timeline
gtt Add new tween to timeline

Defaults and Register Effects

Snippet Purpose
gdefault gsap.defaults({})
greff Register costume effect snippet
guce Use custom effect
gucetl Use costume effect in a timeline


Snippet Purpose
gstt Create a timeline with a scrollTrigger
gsttcb Create a timeline with a scrollTrigger with callback functions
gstc Create Standalone ScrollTrigger
gstccb Create Standalone ScrollTrigger with callbacks


Snippet Purpose
gcd Create gsap draggable with callbacks


Snippet Purpose
ggs const state = Flip.getState(selector);
gff Flip.from
gffcb Flip.from with callbacks

Utility methods

Snippet Purpose
gprefix gsap.utils.checkPrefix()
gclamp gsap.utils.clamp()
gdistribute gsap.utils.distribute()
ginterpolate gsap.utils.interpolate()
gclamp gsap.utils.clamp()
gmapRange gsap.utils.interpolate()
gnormalize gsap.utils.normalize()
gpipe gsap.utils.pipe()
grandomnum gsap.utils.random()
grandomarray gsap.utils.random([])
gselector gsap.utils.selector()
gshuffle gsap.utils.shuffle()
gsplitColor gsap.utils.splitColor()
gtoArray gsap.utils.toArray()
gunitize gsap.utils.unitize()
gwrap gsap.utils.gwrap()
gwrapYoyo gsap.utils.wrapYoyo()

Beyond the basic

Snippet Purpose
gcctx create gsap context
gcctxadd create gsap context and add function
gaddtctx add to context
gcm create gsap media
gmaad add media

Imports and Register

(ES Modules)

Snippet Purpose
gimp import gsap (ES Modules)
gimpfull import gsap, plugin and register it (ES Modules)
gimpp import plugin (ES Modules)
gimppr import and register plugin (ES Modules)


Snippet Purpose
gimpdis import gsap from dis folder
gimpfulldis import gsap, plugin and register it from dis folder
gimppd import plugin from dis folder
gimpprd import and register plugin from

Final thought

I really hope these snippets help you to get started with GSAP or even better speed up your workflow!

If you think this extension is missing a useful snippet feel free to reach me out on Twitter.

Happy tweening!

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Joshua Omobola

Thanks Max! Curious as to what study materials you used to learn.