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Enabling Quake Mode on Windows Terminal

Hello everyone,

I just got my hands on the new Windows Terminal preview and wanted to share how to enable "Quake Mode" which allows you to open a new terminal instance from anywhere in Windows by pressing the Win + ` key.

You must be using the latest version of Windows Terminal Preview.

Just place this code in your "actions" section:

{ "command": { "action": "globalSummon", "name": "_quake", "dropdownDuration": 200, "toggleVisibility": true, "monitor": "any", "desktop": "toCurrent" }, "keys": "win+`" },

Read the docs for more information on the Global Commands that you can use.

Or you can watch the video below and hopefully you'll find it helpful!

Video (6 mins)


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Bytes & Beans

Where can you read about Windows new Terminal?

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Michael Crump