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Matt Layman
Matt Layman

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Consistent Onboarding - Building SaaS #52

In this episode, we glued together some of the onboarding steps. I added data validation so that future steps depend on data existing from previous steps. Then we added page messaging to direct users to a proper page.

We reviewed the way that the form validates certain data from the form submission so that data is kept safe between users. I showed how I switched from the model and fields attributes of CreateView to a form_class containing the form that does the necessary validation.

We talked about how the onboarding flow is interconnected. With that context, I updated the first step to ensure that the school year data can only be created once.

We also updated the second step to ensure that a user can't proceed until the necessary data from the previous step is present.

I added tests to check the various conditions and updated templates to render the right thing for the various states.

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