Semi-automated tasks - Building SaaS #11

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Building SaaS (15 Part Series)

1) Building SaaS with Python and Django #1 2) Reporting scraped data - Building SaaS #2 3 ... 13 3) Multiple Stripe plans - Building SaaS #3 4) Using a background scheduler - Building SaaS #4 5) Updating data models - Building SaaS #5 6) Third party integration modeling - Building SaaS #6 7) Displaying third party data - Building SaaS #7 8) Connecting third party services - Building SaaS #8 9) Finishing third party integration - Building SaaS #9 10) Admin dashboards - Building SaaS #10 11) Semi-automated tasks - Building SaaS #11 12) Automation aides - Building SaaS #12 13) Deploying with Ansible - Building SaaS #13 14) Ansible Cranked to 11 - Building SaaS #14 15) Feature Flags with Django Waffle - Building SaaS #15

In this episode, we worked on a tool designed to help with backend manual tasks that would semi-automate the work. By automating some portion of the task, we're able to make it way faster to complete.

Show notes for this stream are at Episode 11 Show Notes.

To learn more about the stream, please check out Building SaaS with Python and Django.

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