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Build Third-Party Applications APIs without Code

Hey Devs,

I'm sharing my NoCode Product that can help Front-end & NoCode developers to Access third party applications data without any code as REST APIs.

Currently, there are 15+ applications are listed on the marketplace like you can make Google Sheet, Airtable, Google Analytics, Cloudinary, Contentful, Slack, Telegram Hook, Link Preview, Twitter, XML-JSON, Medium, Ghost.

There are 100+ in the pipeline to integrate.

Here I'll show you how to make Airtable API without any code and access your Airtable Base idea.

First, go to and signup with free and activate Airtable API from Marketplace

To make Airtable we need 3 values:

API Key - You can get your Airtable API key here
Base ID - Go here and select your form then you can find the base ID in URL & It begins with app. Ex:
Table Name - Name of the table in your Airtable base

Make Airtable Form

Yes, it's so easy. Just give a name to your first NoCode Airtable API and put the API Key, Base ID, Table Name

API Card

Here you can use Airtable NoCodeAPI to Get All Records, Get Single Record & Create Records.

Here is the API endpoint to get all Airtable Base entries with basic params. So, you don't have to read complex documentation.

Airtable All Records

The best feature of this NoCodeAPI tool you don't have to leave it to test your endpoint. Just click on Try it Button and test them live.


Why you need NoCodeAPI?

To set up any service you need some basic things like a Server, Basic Knowledge to code backend for this, keep tracking of APIs logs, Time to do all these things. So, why not solve these problems to make development quick.

Time-Saving - with NoCodeAPI you can build any third party application in less than 10 seconds. Just add key values that are required to access your services.

Simple & Easy Documentation - we have minimal and easy documentation to quickly start using and access the required data.

Securing Keys - With NoCodeAPI you are securing your tokens like access_token, client id, secret id, and your inputs. You can see NoCodeAPI endpoint without exposing any of these.

Bypass Rate Limit - All services public APIs have request limit to not get the system abused. So, with NoCodeAPI you can solve this big problem. Like Airtable has 5 requests per second.

API Logs - You can track your NoCodeAPI logs into the browser if its success or error. This type of logs view is not provided by lots of services. This is a win-win situation.

Fast - NoCodeAPI using caching technology to improve the performance of the APIs. So, use these NoCode API to empower your project.

I hope you get the basic IDEA about NoCodeAPI and how you can use it in your projects.


Happy NoCoding :)

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