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Connect to APIs with NoCode

We all know that public APIs documentation is messy and don't know how to get started with any API. So, now you don't have to worry about complex documentations.

NoCodeAPI makes it easy for you to connect with public APIs and give you a secure, simple, unique API endpoint with in-built features.

Benefits of using NoCodeAPI

  • ⏲️ Bypass Limits
  • 👊 Hassle-Free
  • 🤯 No Server Headache
  • ⚡ Fast
  • 🔑 Secure
  • ✳️ Logs
  • 📜 Mini Documentation

This website has a huge list of applications like Google Sheet, Instagram, Youtube, Airtable, Zoho Mail, AWS S3, Vimeo, WordPress, Mailgun, Webflow, Spotify, Calendly, Twitter, Telegram, Github, and more than 50 applications in its marketplace

In this article, I'll show you how to connect with Google sheet API, Airtable API, & Webflow CMS API

Before getting started first, create an account at NoCodeAPI and it just took 1-minute to start.

Connect with Google Sheet

Login to NoCodeAPI, Go to the marketplace, find Google sheet API, & activate this.

Google Sheet Setup page

To make Google Sheet API you have to Authenticate with your Google Account. After this, get your spreadsheet id to make Sheet API.

Sheet ID - Your google spreadsheet ID of which you want API.

Example URL

The Sheet ID is the part after d/, in the above link, it's 1i27K4e5m1H2-TTdXgVNmfzn_V2LolgjVtpGYjZ50NX4

Click on the Create Google Sheet API button then authenticate with your Google Account. After authenticating you will be redirected back to the NoCodeAPI with a Modal, just follow the form and click on Create button. 🎉 Done!

Google Sheet API endpoint

Now you can get your sheet tabs data as JSON with the endpoint showing in above picture. You can use an in-built playground to test the endpoint. Just click on Use this API.

Google Sheet Playground

You can test this endpoint in your browser tab.

There are the following endpoints for Google Sheet API:

  • Get All Records - Get all sheet data by tabId.
  • Get single row - Pass row id to get single row object from sheet.
  • Append new row - Push new row into your google sheet.
  • Update row - Pass an object with new values with row_id.
  • Delete one row - You can also delete one row or multiple rows at a time.
  • Create a new Spreadsheet - You can also make a fresh new spreadsheet with POST call.
  • Add Sheet Tab - You can add a new tab into your spreadsheet with this endpoint.

View google sheet API docs

Connect with Airtable

Go to the marketplace, find Airtable API, & activate this.

To make Airtable you need 2 values:

Example: -> appofMoPxdu7iQ7hf is the Base ID.

Click on the Create Airtable API button then put the required values into the form and click on the Create button. 🎉 Done!

Airtable API endpoint

There are the following endpoints for Airtable API:

  • Get All Records - List all records from the table of your Airtable Base.
  • *Get Single Record *- Get a single record
  • Create Records - Create multiple new records into the table.
  • Update Records - You can update multiple records in one API call.
  • Delete Records - You can delete multiple records in one API call.

View Airtable API docs

Connect with Webflow CMS

Webflow is the most powerful modern NoCode web builder on the internet. Webflow has its in-build database that is Webflow CMS.

You can get your Webflow CMS data as JSON without any backend coding and server logic.

Go to the marketplace, find Webflow API, & activate this.

To make Webflow you need only one value:

  • API Access key - Go to dashboard -> Click on three dots icon -> Settings -> Integrations -> Generate API Access.

Click on the Create Webflow API button then put required values into the form and click on the Create button. 🎉 Done!

Webflow CMS API endpoint

There are the following endpoints for Webflow API:

  • Get All Collection Items - Get your all items from the Webflow CMS collections.
  • Get Single Item - Get a single Item of the CMS collection
  • Add Item - Add new item into the collection
  • Update Records - You can update item values into the collection.
  • Delete Item - You can also delete an item from the collection.

View Webflow CMS API docs


This is all. I hope find this article useful and make your API development easy. Let me know your thought on the NoCodeAPI.

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